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CONNECTS Food supports other organisations that are aiming to improve the school food environment.

Kids in Vegetable Farm

School Food Matters

School food matters are one of our CONNECTS Food partners.


They exist to teach childrenabout food and to improve access to healthy, sustainable food during their time at school.


Founded in 2007, School Food Matters was born out of a grassroots campaign that transformed school meals for 38 schools in the London borough of Richmond. The charity now works across all London boroughs and in cities throughout England.

School Food Matters is the charity that knows schools. They raise funds so that they can offer free food education programmes to schools. They use their extensive knowledge, gained from delivering these programmes over 15 years, to advocate for better school meals

and vital food education, bringing the voices of children, parents and teachers to government. policy.

Bremner Consulting

Bremner Consulting works with many different organisations to help improve school food policy and practice. We have worked on many projects at national and local government levels with education, health, finance and procurement teams. We also support

collaboration initiatives that bring together organisations and individuals from government, academia and civil society.

Young kids
Organic Vegetables


TastEd is a charity that provides practical support to EYFS settings, schools and organisations to deliver sensory food education in support of a whole school approach to food.


We provide FREE lesson plans, PowerPoints and resources for every year of primary school. TastEd lessons use a playful, evidence-based, practical approach to food education based on the Sapere method of sensory food education. Used across Sweden, France, Japan and other countries for decades, it is also part of the early years curriculum in Finland.


A growing body of research shows that sensory food education, like TastEd, can improve children’s willingness to try fruits, vegetables and unfamiliar foods. For more information or to sign up visit . 

Tell us about the work that you are doing to support whole school approaches to food

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